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Welcome to my world of Holiday Salt & Pepper Shakers

I can't exactly remember how I started collecting shakers, but one of my very first sets came from Avon. Not only does this set include a teddy bear and a doll that looks like Ragedy Ann, but it includes a decorated Christmas tree that has holes in it for toothpicks/appetizers. For as long as I can remember, I've displayed this set each Christmas. I started adding other salt and pepper shakers to my collection because it's a great way to decorate for the holidays. I have over 300 sets of Salt and Pepper shakers.

Collecting is very addictive. You start out with one or two sets, suddenly you have 20-30, then 40-60, it becomes an obsession. You're always looking and thinking if you can find one more set; maybe I can find a different or unusual one at a garage sale, a flea market, or even an antique store. Your family and friends don't help, they give you sets to add to your collection... your addiction. There is an addiction to collecting salt and pepper shakers that nobody can understand unless they have the addiction themselves.

I have some Holiday shakers for sale on this site or check out other salt and pepper shaker sets I have for sale on eBay. Click here to see what maryd999 is selling on eBay.

Thanks to my family and friends my collection has really grown. Beautiful Oak Display Case for the "Serious Collector"
  • My mom Josie, and mother-in-law Kay.
  • My daughters Kathy and Sharon.
  • My friends Sue Wakin, Kathie Hahn, Marlene Hill, Gerry Gronow, Mary McGuire, Michael Hopkins, and Harold Gotshall.
  • My brother Mike and sister Barb, thanks for mom's salt and pepper shakers
  • A special thanks to Gus, my husband, who introduced me to EBay many years ago, puts up with me everytime I say "Just one more garage sale" and for buying the beautiful oak display case "For the Serious Collector" to display my salt and pepper shakers each holiday season.
I'll continually add new shakers to this site as they're added to my collection.

If you have questions or comments about Holiday Shakers please E-mail me, . I receive many emails asking me how to sell huge sets that have been inherited from a family member. If you have a collection you want to sell, isn't there someone in the family that may want the whole set? How about a neighborhood Antique Store. I've seen lots (big collections) sell on ebay. You're usually better off selling each set of shakers on its own.

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